We like cooking for people.

The Olla Factory is a pop-up restaurant and catering company specializing in Filipino and Brazilian cuisine founded by the Swansons. Chef Olla grew up in a big Filipino cooking family and picked up all the comforting and exotic flavors her mother and aunties prepared for their big families. Her husband, Chef Stephen, brings his decades of experience in the service industry and family flavors of Brazil to the dining table. Find them guest cheffing at Old Ironsides, at various farmers markets or at the most fun catered parties in California.

Olla and Stephen

What’s your story?
Olla started cooking at five years old when her mother taught her how to set up the rice cooker. She helped her mom and aunties roll up lumpias and toss pancit noodles. Many rice bowls later, she met her husband, Stephen.

When Olla and Stephen were first dating, Stephen did most of the cooking. His many years in the service industry and seasoned palette from visiting dozens of 5-star restaurants all over the world made him a top notch cook. At the time, Olla had a few dishes she’d cook but they were “Just OK,” she says.

One day, Olla made Stephen a sandwich that she took time and care to prepare and Stephen loved it. With his encouragement and Olla’s desire to shine, her cooking improved from frozen-dinner-maker to authentic dish diva.


Who are you?
The Olla Factory is a pop-up restaurant concept that serves Filipino and Brazilian-inspired, from scratch and from the heart cuisine. We’re adding our own creativity and spin to the our childhood favorites while staying true to the culture. We hope that by exploring Filipino and Brazilian food through our meals and events, we can bring these underrated cuisines to a wider audience. By day (and sometimes night), Olla is a blogger and digital marketing consultant and Stephen is a guitarist, pianist, singer and bartender.


Why Filipino and Brazilian food?
They’re both underappreciated cuisines so our mission at the Olla Factory is to introduce this cuisine to the Sacramento area, which unfortunately does not have enough Filipino or Brazilian restaurants. Also, the pop-up environment in Sacramento makes it possible for people with food dreams like us to test our concepts.

drunken noodles

What is a pop-up?
A pop-up (or supper club) is a restaurant that serves their menu at various locations. Sometimes homes, bars, restaurants… basically anywhere that will have us!

kare kare at old I

Where can we find you?
Wherever we can set a dish of exotic tastes in front of you! Follow us on facebook for updates on our events. We hope to see you soon!

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